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Freedom Formulations Osta Shred 60ml


Freedom Formulations Osta Shred 60ml

Osta Shred Freedom Formulations is a combination of a strong sarm - Ostarine with Cardarine. A supplement with a strongly anabolic effect perfectly affects the construction of lean muscle mass, allows you to keep the muscles developed so far, and also contributes to the reduction of the level of adipose tissue. Appropriate doses of ingredients specified for use by women.

The combination of two strong ingredients perfectly increases training effects, provides increased energy levels, promotes endurance, and also increases insulin sensitivity and improves the lipid profile. Osta Shred, rich in ostarine, is one of the best-studied SARMs and is also very popular among women. GW 501516 provides great muscle definition, leads to body composition recomposition. The preparation is an ideal agent for use during fitness competitions or photo sessions, bringing out the best in your body.

MK 2866 - non-steroidal oral selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that has been used in clinical trials to alleviate muscle wasting and improve muscle hypertrophy. Ostarine is the most anabolic of all sarms and is ideal for people whose primary goal is to get toned muscles. In fact, it allows calories to be extracted from fat stores and caloric intake is delivered directly to the muscle tissue. Ostarine is resistant to the action of reductase and aromatase catalytic enzymes. As a result, it minimizes the side effects that are attributed to excessive amounts of testosterone needed to achieve similar anabolism. Probably due to its slight effect on aromatase activity, it may slightly increase the level of estrogen. It does not cause androgenetic alopecia, skin blemishes or prostate gland enlargement. By affecting the process of collagen synthesis, it often improves the condition of the joints and skin. Ostarine, as a selective androgen receptor modulator, has a strong anabolic effect comparable to testosterone, with a significantly reduced androgenic effect. It intensifies the processes of muscle tissue synthesis and improves skeletal mineralization. Consumed in a certain dose, it allows for a noticeable increase in muscle strength and mass, as well as a significant loss of body fat. It improves the aesthetics of the figure, makes it visible through vascularization and muscle filling.

GW 501516 - owes its effectiveness to exceptionally wide and multidirectional mechanisms of action. It is, among others, a PPAR-Beta modulator, activates protein kinase and improves glucose absorption by skeletal muscles, which directly contributes to the use of fats as a source of energy. SARM GW 510516 increases the sensitivity of muscle cells to insulin, thanks to which we achieve a full figure, compacted, hard muscles with a great definition, while constantly reducing the level of fat in the body. This leads to effective body composition recomposition and instant visual effects. An important aspect is also the fact that due to the increased consumption of broken tissue, the proteins from which the muscles are built remain intact, therefore catabolism practically does not occur.


Serving Size: 1 Full Dropper (1ml)
Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving
MK 2866 7.5mg
GW 501516 7.5mg

Other Ingredients: Rice flower, gelatin, calcium silicate.


Dosage: 1ml twice per day for 4-12 week period


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Freedom Formulations Osta Shred 60ml