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Hammer Labz Power Shred Stack 60 caps
  • Hammer Labz Power Shred Stack 60 caps
  • Hammer Labz Power Shred Stack 60 caps
  • Hammer Labz Power Shred Stack 60 caps
  • Hammer Labz Power Shred Stack 60 caps

Hammer Labz Power Shred Stack 60 caps


Hammer Labz, headquartered in the USA, is a leading manufacturer of dietary supplements, offering a diverse range of potent, performance-enhancing ingredients specifically designed for advanced athletes. Each supplement batch is meticulously scrutinized and tested by independent laboratories, underscoring Hammer Labz's unwavering commitment to product safety and effectiveness. Their innovative recipes—backed by clinically established doses—dominate the market in categories like pre-workout enhancers, muscle builders, prohormones, sarms, and fat burners.

Power Shred Stack by Hammer Labz is a top-tier concoction that delivers a potent anabolic impact. It's a strategic combination of three SARMs – Andarine, GW-501516, and RAD-140 – designed to facilitate impressive muscle growth, concurrent fat reduction, and a surge in strength and stamina. This supplement propels you towards a chiseled, fat-free physique, stimulates a rise in testosterone levels, and fuels your daily workouts with increased energy. Favored by professional athletes, this performance-enhancing compound augments overall bodily performance, leading to exceptional results.

Andarine offers an appealing substitute to testosterone. Its half-life extends approximately four hours in the body, and it notably lacks androgenic properties, thus eliminating the risk of unwanted side effects like subcutaneous water accumulation or gynecomastia. Andarine is among the rare substances available today that allow steady muscle growth without requiring cycle therapy. Also, you can bid farewell to sudden muscle mass strength reduction due to the absence of aromatase in this drug. It's believed that Andarine may aid in fat reduction, thanks to its active ingredient, acetamidoxolutamide.

Alternatively known as GW-501516, Cardarine was initially researched for its cholesterol-reducing capabilities. However, scientists soon discovered its unique ability to accelerate fat cell metabolism, mirroring the effects of physical exercise. This revelation sparked a surge of interest among athletes and bodybuilders. Acting as a PPAR-delta receptor antagonist, Cardarine helps regulate fatty acid metabolism. It's known to boost endurance and aid fat burning, making it popular among athletes. Additionally, it enhances glucose absorption, a perk for those seeking a lean, athletic build.

With anabolic properties surpassing that of testosterone (a common performance-enhancer), RAD-140 emerges as a compelling choice. Unlike testosterone, RAD-140 doesn't impose adverse effects on the prostate or other organs, nor does it convert to DHT in the body, thus minimizing hair loss risk. Athletes from all walks of life find RAD-140 beneficial for bolstering strength, enhancing endurance, and elevating overall fitness levels. It proves invaluable during intense training sessions, promoting progress and fostering healthy post-workout recovery.

To further assist in body fat reduction, combining with Yohimbine Hcl Hammer Labz is recommended.

Prescribed Dosage:

Administer one to two capsules daily.

Upon completing the cycle, a post-cycle therapy is advised.


Serving size: 1 capsule

Servings per container: 60

Amount Per Serving %DV


25 mg


15 mg


10 mg

Dosage: Take one to two capsules daily.


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Hammer Labz Power Shred Stack 60 caps