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Savage Line Labs MYO-TKO DMAA 231g


Savage Line Labs MYO-TKO DMAA 231g

Savage Line Labs MYO TKO DMAA is an all-new pre-workout formula featuring an abundant dose of DMAA along with Ostarine, an SARM. It's an exclusive, cutting-edge supplement that has emerged as an alternative to other pre-workout products. The power of MYO TKO DMAA is unparalleled and presents a powerful stimulating effect to help boost muscle mass unlike any other pre-workout in the market!

Savage Line Labs MYO TKO DMAA is not only advantageous during workouts to support muscles, but also incorporates an anabolic additive, MK-2866, to stimulate muscle growth. Ostarine, a strongly anabolic compound, not only encourages muscle mass but is also beneficial in reducing fat. MYO TKO DMAA is not only an excellent choice while bodybuilding, but also during fat burning stages, as it enables intensive effort while simultaneously aiding in fat reduction.

The Savage Line Labs MYO TKO DMAA formula delivers maximum action:

  • Intense stimulation is guaranteed!
  • Promotes endurance,
  • Great muscle squeeze,
  • Rises focus,
  • Encourages anabolism,
  • Speeds up muscle recovery,
  • Contains ostarine for extra power,
  • Encourages the formation of pure muscle mass,
  • Intensifies fat burning.

For whom is MYO TKO DMAA suitable?

This pre-workout from Savage Line Labs, MYO TKO DMAA, is especially designed for those who enjoy the use of a powerful pre-exercise supplement. Fans of SARMs will be overjoyed with its inclusion of Ostarine, the most potent SARM. MYO TKO DMAA satisfies even the most serious users of potent pre-workouts, giving them the strong boost they are looking for.

Vitamin C, an antioxidant with a dosage of 250 mg, serves as a shield for cell membranes to lessen the consequences caused by free radicals. It further functions as an anti-inflammatory, helping to restore tissues quicker, along with spurring the synthesis of collagen which is paramount for the health of joints and tissues. Furthermore, vitamin C reinforces the strength of blood vessels and ensures they don't deteriorate.

Beta-alanine, an endurance-boosting compound, is commonly taken in a dose of 2500 mg. Its benefits include increasing levels of carnosine in muscle tissue, providing a powerful antioxidant effect against free radicals, and shortening the muscle recovery time between sets, so that workouts can be resumed more quickly. This is a great benefit for athletes focusing on building endurance.

Agmatine, a powerful pumping element also referred to as 'super arginine', is capable of enhancing nutrient availability in muscles by widening blood vessels. Its potency is started off with a relatively tiny intake of 200 milligrams. On top of that, agmatine promotes the normal functioning of the nervous system, helping to withstand prolonged exercise and decreasing fatigue. Consequently, prolonged activity of the nervous system is supported.

Higenamine has a stimulating effect not unlike caffeine. It speeds up the heart rate and raises one's blood pressure, also triggering the production of catecholamines for more intense stimulation of the nervous system. Similarly to geramine, Higenamine also has thermogenic properties, helping to tap into the body's energy reserves for exercise purposes. This results in an immediate spike in energy levels and improved performance while working out.

Caffeine, at a dose of 500 mg, is a stimulant of the central nervous system. It blocks the attachment of adenosine, which helps boost energy. Furthermore, caffeine helps maintain muscle endurance, enabling them to work with greater efficiency, and leading to a more intense workout. Caffeine also combats weariness, encourages enthusiasm for activity, and contributes to general well-being. As such, it is part of the group of substances, known as ergogenics, which work to enhance physical effort.

DMAA (otherwise known as geramine or 1.3-Dimethylamylamine) is a powerful stimulant that increases levels of catecholamines, mainly norepinephrine. This effect supports cardiovascular performance, giving us increased exercise capacity and improving blood flow around the body. This is coupled with a strong energetic stimulation which gives the user extra strength and endurance for exercise, as well as a thermogenic action which helps the user to burn fat for energy.

Citrulline at a dosage of 2,000 mg is a powerful precursor of arginine, which can lead to an increase in the conversion of nitric oxide. Sports supplements often include citrulline to heighten the sense of muscle pump during pre-workout. Citrulline also heightens muscle endurance by participating in the urea cycle, which increases the efficiency of muscles and prolongs the time at which they can work out.

Vitamin B3, or niacin, is essential to many biochemical pathways. It aids in the correct breaking down of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, which helps to regulate cholesterol levels, aiding in the ratio of "bad" cholesterol to "good" cholesterol. Additionally, niacin has antioxidant powers, which aid in the fight against oxidative stress. Last but not least, taking niacin can promote wellbeing and shield the nervous system from harm.

Tyrosine, at a dosage of 1000 mg, is a part of the protein amino acids that make up proteins, but it influences the body in more ways. Its main purpose is to create dopamine, a neurotransmitter that leads to better mental health. Aside from that, it also has benefits like improved focus and attention, as well as aiding in the process of thermogenesis.

Ostarine, with a dose of 5mg, is probably the most sought-after type of SARMs. It powerfully boosts anabolic processes, increases protein synthesis, furthermore allowing the muscles to regenerate and rebuild swiftly. On top of that, it kick-starts metabolic processes which give greater access to energy in the body. This active ingredient is also great for producing greater training power and let the muscles appropriate energy for work from the oil reserves.


Serving Size: 1 scoop (7.7 grams)

Servings Per Container: 60

Supplement Facts:
Servings per container 30 60
Serving size 1 Scoop (7.7g) 1/2 Scoop (3.9g)
Vitamin C 250mg 125mg
Beta Alanine 2500mg 1250mg
Agmatine Sulphate 500mg 250mg
Higenamine 50mg 25mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 500mg 250mg
1,3 DMAA  75mg 37.5mg
Citrulline Malate 2000mg 1000mg
Niacin 25mg 12.5mg
Tyrosine 1000mg 500mg

Ostarine (MK-2866)




Dosage: 1 serving, 7.7 g 30 minutes before training.


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Savage Line Labs MYO-TKO DMAA 231g