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S4M Team

S4M Team

Dan Gov-Gerards


  • 2nd place WBFF Atlantic city Pro Muscle model 2019
  • 1st place WBFF Miami Am Muscle model (pro card) 2018
  • 1st place WBFF Australia Am Fitness model 2017

I don't consider bodybuilding just as a sport, but also as an art. Your working on your physique, chasing that symmetry, finding the perfect balance between size and shred. As a competitor, I need quality supplements, and supplements4muscle have a high range of products, but also the strongest preworkouts and fatburners on the market. It helped me a lot during my off season, and even more for my last comp prep.

Richard onyeji

I’ve been training for approximately 20 years . Weight training/ bodybuilding has been instrumental in instilling in me the importance of health and fitness. It’s my lifestyle of choice.

Nutrition is key to maintaining and progressing in training and that’s why supplements are essential in guaranteeing that progress.

Ssupplements4Muscle are my current go to for my supplements. They have a team of professionals that offer consultations on what supplement is right for your health.

Ben Bailey

My bodybuilding journey started when I was 14 years old and a freshman in high school. I began lifting weights to put on size because I was tired of always being the “skinny kid” in the room as well as to get stronger in the sports that I was participating in at the time. My passion for building my body into a goal physique that I created in my mind grew and I decided that I would turn what I do and love into my lifestyle.

Being able to work with Supplements4Muscle has allowed me to put much more into what I do. It was always a huge goal of mine since the beginning to represent something that promoted a similar lifestyle to my own. Working with this company has allowed me to access and promote the very best supplements available and help continue to achieve my ultimate physique!

Jeremiah Sayers

  • Kalmazoo classic 2019 overall men’s physique
  • Lee Haney Games 1st place classic physique & men’s physique

Supplements4Muscle has all the necessities for a bodybuilder to make the progress necessary for the next level. The range of products do not compare to any other brand or store.