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Xtreme PWO formulas

Strength Game Death Punch DMAA
  • Strength Game Death Punch DMAA
  • Strength Game Death Punch DMAA

Strength Game Death Punch DMAA



Strength Game Death Punch DMAA

Strength Game Death Punch DMAA offers a special pre-workout solution that will help you experience your best while training. This advanced recipe is comprised of the best components to ensure you stay focused and energized during intense workouts. The cutting edge blend includes SARMs, geranium, ephedra extract, yohimbine, and citrulline malate for optimal results. If you're in search of heightened energy, increased muscular pump, greater strength and reduced exhaustion, this product is undoubtedly for you. It guarantees a highly efficient workout with no unwanted side effects such as a dip in your overall feeling of wellbeing.

GW501516 is prominent due to its manifold range of effects. For example, it works as a PPAR-Beta modulator, stimulates protein kinase and improves how skeletal muscles take up glucose. This encourages the utilization of fats as fuel, improving the body's response to insulin. As a result, you can build heavily muscled, vividly defined physique while concurrently decreasing fat tissue in the body. This facilitates an ideal body composition and produces rapid visual results. In addition, greater fat combustion safeguards proteins, effectively preventing muscle breakdown.

L-Citrulline Malate is made up of an amino acid and malic acid, and is extremely beneficial for athletic performance. It helps remove toxic levels of ammonia from the body and increases nitric oxide in the body, which results in more blood flow to the muscles. In addition, this compound helps the reabsorption of bicarbonate through the kidneys, which helps to keep the body's pH levels balanced, and it also combats the natural muscle acidification that comes as a result of intense exercise.

Agmatine Sulfate has been found to increase nitric oxide release in the body, thus resulting in a greater muscle pump experience during a workout. Furthermore, it widens the blood vessels, making it easier to transmit blood and nutrients to the muscles and facilitating the recovery process as well as aiding in muscle fiber production. Research on agmatine's effect found it to even double protein synthesis, due to the combination

Taurine has multiple health benefits; it is associated with improved digestion, a healthy cardiovascular system, regulation of blood pressure, toxin removal, and improved mental functions. It can especially be useful for bodybuilders, as it helps with muscle performance, vascularity, and even muscle growth. Additionally, its anti-catabolic nature can aid in the protection of muscles during physical activities. This amino acid is naturaly produced by our body and also comes from meat and seafood, which are necessary components of the body's various vital functions. It is necessary for the proper development of muscle mass and also helps with resisting fatigue during exercise.

Caffeine Anhydrous has been observed to cause a boost in thermogenesis and suppress appetite by increasing the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine. Additionally, it has been found to trigger the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine, acetylcholine, and serotonin in the central nervous system, energizing the body and improving cognitive abilities. This collective action of caffeine on the body helps to sustain good performance and feelings despite a calorie deficit.

1,3 DMAA is an amazing compound that does an incredible job as a stimulant and a fat-burner. When used in combination with something like caffeine or another substance which influences the nervous system and heightens thermogenesis, the effects of 1,3 DMAA are made stronger. It boosts energy levels, excitement, focus and concentration. Using it in tandem with caffeine has the potential to further increase its effectiveness. Additionally, Geranium can act to promote the secretion of dopamine, resulting in a heightened level of clarity and a more positive outlook, which are invaluable during a workout.

Synephrine, obtained from immature Citrus uranium L. and Citrus aurantium L. fruits, is a compound alike to ephedrine and is commonly used in sports-related and weight loss supplements. It increases metabolism, quells appetite, increases alertness, raises blood pressure and heart rate, facilitates breathing, opens airways, and improves the overall feeling of wellbeing.

Ephedra Extract contains alkaloids that increase the energy expenditure of the body, thereby resulting in calorie deficit. This boosts the metabolic rate and helps in burning fat effectively. On top of that, it helps to curb the appetite, which aids in maintaining the diet, especially at times of low caloric consumption. Furthermore, research suggests that the plant houses flavonoids that can expel free radicals from the body.

Hordenine HCL is a compound often taken by athletes to help with fat loss, appetite suppression, and extra energy. Norepinephrine is released and protected, which increases metabolism and can provide an energy boost. Bodybuilders frequently take Hordenine with PEA (phenylethylamine) for an added benefit before pumping iron. Higenamine, an alternative to DMAA, is a stimulant that helps to burn fat.

Alpha Yohimbe can promote weight loss and improve muscle tone by hindering the γ2-type receptors that prevent fat burning. Also, it is believed that its effectiveness can be augmented if consumed before physical activity or when the stomach is empty, however meals containing carbohydrates should be avoided when taking it as it can have an effect on insulin.


Serving Size: 1 Scoop (7.5g)
Servings Per container: 30

Amount Per Serving
Death Punch SARMSTIM­™ Formula 6.520mg
L-Citruline Malate, Agmatine Sulfate, Taurine, Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg), 1`3 DMAA (75mg), Synephrine, Ephedra Extract, Hordenine HCL, GW501516, Alpha Yohimbine.

Consume 1 serving 15-30 minutes prior to training. Do not exceed 1 serving within a 24 hour period.


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Strength Game Death Punch DMAA