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Xtreme fat burners

Blackstone Arson
  • Blackstone Arson
  • Blackstone Arson
  • Blackstone Arson
  • Blackstone Arson

Blackstone Arson

  • Extreme Fat Burning
  • Extreme Energy
  • Powerful Weight Loss


Blackstone Arson

Blackstone Arson is a powerful fat burner containing a combination of stimulants, three forms of yohimbine, DMHA, and citrus extracts for a strong, sustained result. It is an ideal choice for experienced athletes, as it effectively burns fat from places that are hard to slim down, including the abdomen, legs, and butt.

This supplement helps you to have higher stamina when working out intensely so you won't get tired as quickly. Arson also balances fat metabolism resulting in improved energy levels. Additionally, the preparation has a great impact on your mood and lessens the sadness resulting from a lack of carbohydrates.

Eria Jarensis Extract works as a controller of the central nervous system, bringing a lot of advantages to thinking abilities. It produces an effect that promotes a feeling of joy by rising dopamine and nor-adrenaline rates in the system. Dopamine is liable for boosting contentment, and so the extract from Eria Jarensis contributes a sensation of perfect joy, while also diminishing levels of pressure. Dopamine and noradrenaline are also correlated with intensified mental alertness and focus. Its action is comparable to DMAA - providing animation, focus, vigilance and an ecstatic emotion.

Methylphenylethylamine HCl is a form of N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine that works inside the body as a type of neurotransmitter, resulting in a rise of dopamine and norepinephrine. It is present in foods such as chocolate, however its effects last briefly due to its fast break down in the gastrointestinal tract. To prevent the oxidation that takes place, it is used in a more complex form. This derivative of beta-phenylethylamine is recommended for persons under intense physical effort, as well as for those looking to better their mood.

Caffeine Anhydrous has been known to increase thermogenesis and reduce hunger due to the increase of adrenaline and norepinephrine formation. It has also been studied and found to create an alertness by increasing the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine, acetylcholine, and serotonin in the central nervous system. This energy and cognitive enhancement aids in keeping an individual active, despite a lower calorie intake.

Octodrine, or 2-Aminoisoheptane, is a stimulant that can have a relaxing effect on the bronchi. This may lead to an expansion in one's ability to aerobically exercise, and it can also work as a decongestant by narrowing the blood vessels and boosting oxygen circulation. Unlike DMA, it won't cause a stupor and instead could foster better mental alertness.

Theobromine is found mainly in cocoa beans, yerba mate, coffee and tea. Known for its diuretic, blood pressure-lowering, and thermogenic properties - especially when it is combined with caffeine and polyphenols - this chemical stimulates the heart, opens up the blood vessels, and is thought to have a hypotensive effect although this has not been proven yet. As a result, Theobromine found in ECA XTREME is beneficial in sculpting muscle definition.

Green Tea has an enzyme inhibitor, catechol O-methyl transferase or COMT, which stops the decay of the fat-burning hormone norepinephrine. It is packed with catechin which helps to maintain and increase thermogenesis. In addition, caffeine and EGCG blended in green tea can expel calories as energy and lift the body's resting metabolic rate.

Citrus Nat Sudaidai Hayata Extract, Citrus Junos Siebal-yuzu, Ex Tanaka Extract are beneficial for weight loss because these extracts are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids which help to break down fat and suppress appetite. Moreover, these fruit extracts also affect PPARα regulation, a function that regulates lipid metabolism. This can lead to the increased use of fatty acids, in the liver, which results in higher energy burning and reducing fat.

Bitter orange, or Citrus Aurantium Extract, is not edible, yet it supplies a substantial amount of vitamin C, as much as 42% in some instances. In addition, antioxidant bioflavonoids, like hesperidin, are present, making this extract a brilliant source for highly absorbable vitamin C. It is further renowned for the presence of synephrine, a naturally occurring substitute for ephedra. Synephrine has a similarly structured molecular compound to ephedrine. This natural substance is harvested from immature citrus fruits such as Citrus uranium L. and Citrus aurantium L. and is used as a substitute for ephedra. It is becoming increasingly popular in dietary supplements and drugs taken by athletes and those wishing to lose weight. Synephrine increases metabolism, appetite suppression, and enhances mental and physical activity. Furthermore, it can elevate blood pressure, enhance the heart's minute volume, open up the bronchi to encourage respiration, and improve respite while clearing the nasal passageways.

Consumption of Capsaicin, found in Cayenne Pepper Extract, slows down the activity of ATP-dependent calcium transporters in muscles. This process breaks down ATP, an energy-containing molecule, and converts it to heat, rather than to the movement of calcium ions, as the TRPV1 receptor is inactivated. Thermogenesis is therefore increased, as the body temperature rises.

Yohimbe Extract can block α2 receptors which can help to break down fat, aiding in weight loss and shaping certain parts of the body. It's important to note that yohimbine eliminates insulin, meaning that taking it close to meals with carbs will not be beneficial. Therefore, the best time to take the compound is while fasting or before physical activity.

A comprehensive study has proven that 11-hydroxy Yohimbine is 56% more efficient than the commonly used form of yohimbine: Yohimbine HCl. Not only does 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine demonstrate 10x more affinity towards Alpha-2 Adrenergic Receptors, its half-life is also notably increased; 8-11 hours as opposed to yohimbine HCl's 2 hours. Consequently, 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine offers an obvious advantage over yohimbine HCl.

Alpha-Yohimbine has a range of medicinal properties including antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that counteract cancer and improve mental health. This extract, which is also known as rauwolscine, isohimine, or yohimbine, mainly supports the nervous system and helps to lose excessive body mass. It works by blocking certain chemical pathways in the brain, resulting in a rush of adrenaline that encourages the body to work more efficiently and speeds up the fatty acid breakdown process in the mitochondria. This consequently increases the burning of fatty deposits in areas of the body where α2-adrenergic receptors are present, like the stomach and hips.

Grains of Paradise extract can act upon TRPV1 receptors to boost levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline, causing lipolysis to kick in and releasing energy substrates vital to keeping your muscles active during physical effort. This leads to the breakdown of previously stored body fat, as well as increasing the effectiveness of thermogenesis in brown fat cells. It can also help promote an appropriate hormonal balance by augmenting testosterone synthesis and working against estrogen. Stimulating TRPV1 and TRPA1 receptors, but simultaneously dampening their activity, can reduce the amount of pain felt.

Black pepper extract, piperine, is the main component which causes us to sneeze, but primarily aids us in dropping pounds. Scientists have conducted researches that demonstrate that piperine impedes the actions of genes responsible for forming new fat cells. As a result of the piperine found in black peppers, we are able to absorb B complex vitamins, selenium and beta-carotene better. In addition, pepper boosts digestion, cleans out the urinary tract, assists in combating inflammation and reduces the level of discomfort felt.


Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving
Proprietary Fat Burning Blend: 453 mg
Eria Jarensis Extract (leaves)(yielding N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine, N, Dimethylphenylethylamine and Phenylethylamine), Caffeine Anhydrous, 2-Aminoisoheptane HCL, Theobromine Anhydrous, Green Tea 98% Extract (leaves)
Citrus-Rx® Proprietary Lipolytic Blend and Arson® Thermogenic Blend: 148 mg
Citrus Nat Sudaidai Hayata Extract (fruit), Citrus Junos Siebel, Ex Tanaka Extract (fruit), Citrus Limonium Extract (fruit), Citrus Aurantium Extract (fruit)(supplying 25mg Synephrine Alkaloids), Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract (Capsimax®), Yohimbine Extract (bark)(yielding Yohimbine, 11-Hydroxy-Yohimbine, and Alpha-Yohimbine), Grains of Paradise (seed), Black Pepper (fruit) extract (95% Piperine)

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Red #3.


Take (1) capsule in the morning and (1) capsule in the afternoon. Do not exceed (3) capsules daily.


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Blackstone Arson

  • Extreme Fat Burning
  • Extreme Energy
  • Powerful Weight Loss