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Genius Nutrition iVitamins 60caps



Genius Nutrition iVitamins 60 capsules

The Genius Nutrition® iVitamins formula contains a combination of 12 vitamins, 9 minerals, and 12 herbs, making it a great way to naturally promote good health.

Combined, these substances give both athletes who are devotedly engaged in their sports as well as those wishing to partake recreationally the full selection of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in high enough amounts to get their performance to a superior standard.

The purpose of Genius Nutrition is to bolster the key components of your health including the heart and blood, hydration, digestion, immunities, antioxidants, muscles after exertion, and the protein makeup and widening of blood vessels.

A potent, intricate, and antioxidative mix designed to provide energy to sports fanatics while aiding in the preservation of immunity. This specially-crafted blend is made with the active individual in mind, functioning as an advanced daily multivitamin to meet all of one's needs.

Minerals play an integral role in keeping the body functioning correctly, as they act as a catalyst for nerve impulses, muscle contractions and metabolic activity.

The nutritive content of vitamins plays a key role in keeping the thyroid working properly, helping to produce thyroid hormones, contributing to the health of our DNA, aiding in making healthy red blood cells, increasing hemoglobin levels, expediting the metabolism of carbohydrates, and preserving the health of our connective tissue.


Net quantity:  60 capsules

Servings Per Container:  60 (1 capsule - 1 serving)

Nutritional value 1 capsule 3 capsules
Vitamin A 366.67mcg 1100mcg (137.5%) *
Vitamin B1 6.67mg 20mg (1428.57%) *
Vitamin B2 6.67mg 20mg (1250%) *
Vitamin B3 11.67mg 35mg (194.44%) *
Vitamin B5 5mg 15mg (250%) *
Vitamin B6 6.67mg 20mg (1000%) *
Vitamin B9 66.67mcg 200mcg (50%) *
Vitamin B12 8.33mcg 25mcg (2500%) *
Vitamin C 100mg 300mg (500%) *
Vitamin D 4mcg 12mcg (240%) *
Vitamin E 10mg 30mg (300%) *
Vitamin H 0.05mg 0.15mg (100%) *
Calcium 50mg 150mg (18.75%) *
Chrome  0.5mcg 0.16mcg (0.13%) *
Copper 0.2mg 0.6mg (54.55%) *
Iodine 0.05mcg 0.15mcg (0.1%) *
Iron 1.67mg 5mg (35.71%) *
Magnesium 83.33mg 250mg (83.33%) *
Manganese 1.33mg 4mg (114.29%) *
Kalis 33.33mg 100mg (2.5%) *
Selenas 26.67mcg 80mcg (114.29%) *
Zinc 6.67mg 20mg (133.33%) *
Alpha lipoic acid 6.67mg 20mg
Ubiquinone coenzyme q10 10mg 30mg
Green tea 3.33mg 10mg
Spirulina maxima 16.67mg 50mg
Urtica dioica (nettle extract) 23.33mg 70mg
Grape seed extract 3.33mg 10mg
Panax ginseng 20mg 60mg
Maca powder 3.33mg 10mg
Raspberry juice extract 3.33mg 10mg
Choline 16.67mg 50mg
Royal jelly 5mg 15mg
Piper nigrum L. (cf. Bioperine) 0.67mg 2mg

* RNI - reference nutritional intake.

Ingredients:  see above, gelatin capsule (made of pure gelatin, dyes: titanium dioxide, red iron oxide)

Allergens : May contain traces of milk, egg and soy.

Warnings : Keep tightly closed in a dry place out of the reach of children, out of direct sunlight. Should not be used as a food substitute. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Storage: Store in a dry, cool place, out of reach of children, out of direct sunlight.

Best before (expiration date):  best before the expiry date which is stated on the side or bottom of the pack.

Batch : see on the package.

Manufacturer : GENIUS NUTRITION LTD, European Union, ROU, Business Logistic Center, Tamasi 20, Buftea 070000.


Consumption : 

The recommended daily dose for inactive people: 1 capsule with a glass of water a day, with a glass of water. Take 2-3 capsules in divided doses, only after a meal or before training before a meal.

Recommended daily dose on training days: Take 2-3 capsules in portions, only after a meal with a glass of water.

Warning! Food supplements are only for healthy people. Do not use if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Keep out of the reach of children. This food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. It is preferable to use by the date shown on the container. Store in a cool, dry place.


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Genius Nutrition iVitamins 60caps