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Xtreme PWO formulas

Revange Nutrition Pimp Blast
  • Revange Nutrition Pimp Blast
  • Revange Nutrition Pimp Blast

Revange Nutrition Pimp Blast

The effects of using Pimp Blast:

  • mega spectacular muscle pump
  • noticeable increase in strength and strength
  • increase in training intensity
  • fatigue reduction
  • raising concentration and motivation to the maximum
  • vitamin supplement promoting health


Revange Nutrition Pimp Blast

Revange Nutrition Pimp Blast is a widely acclaimed pre-workout supplement that provides powerful impacts on the body and psyche during exercises. This product is designed for experienced users hoping to ascend to a heightened level of strain through tough and extended workouts. Featuring a comprehensive blend of active, synergistic components, taking the supplement prior to training will allow for levels of energy and power unparalleled to anything previously achieved.

Thanks to the intensive training aid, your body shape will experience an incredible transformation and you will be able to see real progress in the gym after just a few times using it. The special FETA-MAXX complex will give you an energy boost and make you feel good, while also aiding a decrease in undesired fat through thermogenesis and boosting metabolism.

If you need an assistant for a tough and challenging workout, Pimp Blast is surely one of the most attractive options available that would satisfy the requests of the most exacting users!

GPLC is composed of the two elements l-carnitine ester and glycine, which boosts the molecule's bioavailability. GPLC facilitates the synthesis of nitric oxide, thus promoting the body's ability to perform during exercise. Furthermore, the compound assists in minimizing fats, while concurrently encouraging the build-up of lean muscle, as well as increasing strength and stamina.

Citrulline aids in the formation of nitric oxide, phosphocreatine and contributes to glucose metabolization. This helps increase oxygen, glucose, amino acid and creatine intake, while lowering the levels of lactic acid and ammonia in the muscles. The use of citrulline malate has been shown to be more beneficial than the use of large doses of arginine, as the latter is its precursor and therefore the same dosage of citrulline is more effective.

Agmatine is a chemical compound found in biogenic amines, and is created from the decarboxylation of amino acids. It is often used in supplements and pre-workout preparations for athletes, as it is believed to stimulate the body and increase 'muscle pump'. It also has other benefits, such as the stimulation of nitric oxide production, improving blood supply and nutrition for muscle cells, reducing pain and aiding cognition. Popular among athletes, it is thought to improve performance, strength and endurance.

Beta-alanine is an organic compound and an amino acid, which is the isomer of alpha-alanine and a component of proteins. It is part of beta-amino acids, where the amino group can be found attached to the beta-carbon in comparison to the carboxyl group. Beta-alanine is also an integral component of carnosine, a dipeptide that aids in buffering the pH level drop which is connected to the production of lactic acid in the muscles during physical activities. This means that its intake reduces the potential for physical fatigue. In addition, beta-alanine is part of other active compounds such as pantothenic acid, Balenin peptides, and anserine.

Acetyl L-carnitine (ALC) is created by the enzyme carnitine acetyltransferase in the body's cells, particularly in the mitochondria of the body. It takes part in many metabolic pathways, like fatty acid oxidation and energy production. ALC is an acetyl donor in the acetyl co-enzyme reaction. Additionally, it acts as a molecular chaperone that lets newly synthesized proteins form and command their operations. In contrast with L-carnitine, its acetyl version has more intense effects on the central nervous system. Individuals looking to reduce their body fat, those getting older and losing their memory, as well as athletes and people in anxious situations or poor environmental circumstances, should take acetyl L-carnitine supplements. ALC fights tiredness and sensitivity, and aids in fat loss processes.

N-acetyl L-tyrosine is derived from the L-tyrosine amino acid, making it more soluble and reliable when compared to regular L-tyrosine. The acetylated version of the amino acid is significant in maintaining healthy brain functions, promoting the production of norepinephrine and dopamine neurotransmitters. Additionally, Vitamin B6 participates in the metabolism of these acids, aiding the nervous system, mental functions and fighting against fatigue.

L-norvaline is a compound found in nuts, meat and grains, that is part of the group of branched chain amino acids, though it does not classify as a protein. It plays an important role in the regulation of arginine, as an arginase inhibitor, which increases the amount of arginine in the body. L-norvaline is known for its anabolic and anti-catabolic effects, that increase strength and stamina during exercise, as well as its ability to favorably affect the blood flow and nutrient uptake in muscle tissue. For this reason, it is often used to regenerate muscle after a strenuous workout.

Synephrine is chemically similar to ephedrine and its natural form is found in immature citrus fruits (such as Citrus uranium L. and Citrus aurantium L.). It is now widely used in dietary supplements and drugs meant for athletes and people trying to lose weight, as it has the power to increase metabolism, reduce appetite, and improve both motor and mental activity. Furthermore, synephrine also increases blood pressure and heart rate, widens bronchi for easier breathing, and helps to clear blocked sinuses resulting in improved overall health and well-being.

Hordenine is typically used for fat burning, appetite suppression, and a surge of energy. It works by releasing and maintaining norepinephrine, resulting in greater metabolism, energy, and less hunger. Bodybuilders usually pair this compound with PEA (phenylethylamine) before workouts to increase the synergy of the effects.

Sulbutiamine, which originates from vitamin B1 (thiamine), is an organic substance that is easily absorbed into the nervous system. It is effective in controlling the nervous system, which reduces anxiety and shyness, increases self-confidence, and assists with forming connections with others. Medically, sulbutiamine is used to treat asthenia or sexual issues caused by psychological factors. Moreover, the nootropic effect of sulbutiamine is known to enhance memory, concentration, and stamina when engaging in both physical and mental activity. Not only that, but it also promotes speedy restoration processes. Plus, it can facilitate weight loss by quickening carbohydrate metabolism and boosting fat expelling.


Serving Size: 1 scoop (10 grams)
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**
Vitamin C 150mg 250%
Niacin 150mg 1500%
Vitamin B12 1000mg 16666%
Magnesium 150mg 38%
Potassium 150mg 4%
Pump that Bitch!
GPLC (Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine HCL) 2000mg
Citrulline Di-Malate 2000mg
AgmaMax® (Agmatine Sulfate) 1000mg
Beta Alanine 1000mg
ALC (Acetyl L-Carnitine) 1000mg
N-acetyl L-tyrosine 1000mg
L-Norvaline 250mg
Fire Ignition
Caffeine Anhydrous 150mg
FETA-MAXX (Methylated forms of Synephrine, Hordenine, Tyramine) 120mg
Electro-Hydro-Vit System
Sulbutiamine, Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Niacin (as Niacin USP), Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin), Magnesium, Potassium 800mg

Other Ingredients: Natural Flavor, Sucralose, Natural Color.


On Average 1 serving (10 grams) 30 minutes before workout mixed with water. Depending on individual sensitivity and needs the safe effective dose should be estimated individually and usually ranges between 5 to 20 grams per serving. It is not advised to use more than 20 grams (2 average servings) a day!


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Revange Nutrition Pimp Blast

The effects of using Pimp Blast:

  • mega spectacular muscle pump
  • noticeable increase in strength and strength
  • increase in training intensity
  • fatigue reduction
  • raising concentration and motivation to the maximum
  • vitamin supplement promoting health