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Cartel Labz Arimistane 90cap
  • Cartel Labz Arimistane 90cap
  • Cartel Labz Arimistane 90cap
  • Cartel Labz Arimistane 90cap
  • Cartel Labz Arimistane 90cap

Cartel Labz Arimistane 90 cap


Cartel Labz Arimistane 90cap

Arimistane (Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione) is an extremely powerful aromatase inhibitor (AI) that brings the body into an anabolic state by various means. It minimizes cortisol and estrogen while boosting the level of free testosterone. People who have used Arimistane have observed a considerable boost in libido and strength while exercising.

You can burn fat tissue more quickly by embracing a diet of reduced caloric intake. Hi Tech's Arimistane is high-quality, and is comprised of only one ingredient, a remarkable breakthrough in recent supplement research.

Arimistane is an incredibly effective aromatase inhibitor on the market, known for its ability to raise anabolic hormones and block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Every bodybuilder is aware of the detrimental effects of having high levels of estrogen, which can lead to a decrease in their aesthetic appearance. Not only does Arimistane help remove excess water from the body and make muscles more toned, but it also has the benefit of increasing anabolism, improving the effects of exercise, and noticeably boosting libido.

Armistane is the most efficient way to stop testosterone from transforming into estrogen!

Its use has many advantages that affect the way our bodies operate. To begin with, it is important to note that

Androst-3 5-dien-7,17-dione demonstrates extraordinary speediness, with results appearing within the first few days of taking it!

In no time, you'll see a significant difference in your physique and overall wellbeing. Prohormone helps keep your physique toned and lean even if you adhere to a muscle-building diet. Hormones are especially critical for people who exercise; they play a big role in our physical appearance. Keeping a good balance between testosterone and estrogen is thought to be a fundamental part of our hormonal system. Unfortunately, nevertheless, hormones in the body frequently get thrown off balance.

Supplements like Armistane are a special class of products that stimulates the level of free testosterone by reducing the activity of the aromatizing enzyme. This tactic is critical to physical optimization. Armistane is usually used to reduce body fat in order to reduce fat stores in problem areas such as the lower back and chest.


Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 90

Amount Per Serving

Arimistane  (Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione)


Other ingredients: Organic Rice, Rice Flour, Gelatin (Bovine), Magnesium Stearate.


Dosage: 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening.


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Cartel Labz Arimistane 90 cap