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Rx Labs TestXR
  • Rx Labs TestXR
  • Rx Labs TestXR

Rx Labs TestXR



Rx Labs TestXR

Rx Labs TestXR is a brand-new, highly reliable supplement that increases testosterone levels and diminishes estrogen levels. This product efficiently modulates hormonal balances in the body, specially recommended for individuals who have just completed hormone cycles and sarms. Its concise yet powerful formulation guarantees fast and effective action.

Chosen ingredients will help bring your testosterone levels back to a normal range. Optimal levels of testosterone in the bloodstream are essential for the proper functioning of your body; this is especially important for reproductive health and libido.

By elevating the amount of testosterone, you will feel a sudden surge in vitality and the motivation to exercise, resulting in increased physique growth and safeguarding of bone density. When paired with the correct diet plan and tailored workout routine, TEST XR is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and efficient supplements in athletics. All components incorporated into the formulation are entirely secure and potent with no necessity for taking other dietary supplements.

Tongat Ali is a herb often used in traditional medicine, which has been proven to have many benefits. It has been claimed that consuming the tea made from Tongkat Ali can enhance sexual capabilities. It is growing in popularity among men with reduced libido, because it is thought to contain a molecule with a 9-hydroxycanthin-6-one which can cause delayed ejaculation. Studies have revealed that it is potent compared to other herbs with increased libido scores up to 8.7%. Reports suggest that it also has an anti-estrogenic effect as well as a possible increase of testosterone in men, although no studies have confirmed this. The herb originates from Malaysia, which gives it the name of Malaysian ginseng.

Fenugreek, this herb has a positive effect on testosterone growth. Its saponin has two ways of working: it increases hormones that trigger androgens from the hypothalamus and it binds directly to the same receptors that testosterone does, activating anabolic-androgenic activity. Also, it boosts red blood cell production, nutrient absorption by the small intestine, nitrogen retention, and protein synthesis, which positively impacts muscle, cartilage, bone and connective tissue growth.

Epimedium Extract contains substances such as icaryne, which possess properties that assist in boosting a male's sexual performance. Iinarine stops the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 from hampering the bloodstream from entering the corpus cavernosum located in the penis, and additionally has powerful capabilities of producing more nitric oxide.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract is a medicinal plant with seeds containing levodopa, which is a direct source for dopamine used for treating Parkinson's disease. Its effects are seen in improved well-being and activity, which leads to increased exercise capability and better sexual function. The L-Dopa is absorbed quickly by the brain, enabling it to effectively increase dopamine production. This neurotransmitter is critical for the normal operation of the nervous system and transmission of nerve signals. It has been observed that those with Parkinson's lack dopamine, especially in areas of the brain involved with motoric level. Lack of this neurotransmitter manifests with memory loss, difficulty in concentration, and sometimes even affects elderly people.

Arimistane, which is an Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione aromatase inhibitor, helps to bring the body into an anabolic state. This supplement decreases cortisol and estrogen levels while boosting levels of free testosterone. Those who use it often experience improved libido and an increase in strength when exercising. Moreover, it not only elevates anabolic hormones, but stops testosterone from becoming estrogen. Everyone knows that high estrogen levels are not beneficial to the body and can lead to a decrease in physical appearance. It has been proven to be the best aromatase inhibitor available on the market. Furthermore, it eliminates swelling and any extra water in the body, makes muscles firmer, heightens anabolism, boosts free testosterone, and reinforces the effects of training. Lastly, it has been observed to amplify libido.

The major compound found in black pepper, known as piperine, has the capability to generate warmth. This increases the circulation of blood to the digestive tissue, leading to an improved ability to absorb food. Additionally, it considerably raises the bioavailability of several items that are used for supplementing.


Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving %DV*
Tongkat Ali 200:1 Extract 600 mg *
Fenugreek (Standardized at 77.2% Fenusides) 350 mg *
Epimedium Extract (Standardized to 20% Icariins) 300 mg *
Mucuna Pruriens Extract (98% L-Dopa) 250 mg *
Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione 75 mg *
Black Pepper Extract (95% Piperine) 5 mg *

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, FD&C Blue #1.


Directions: As a dietary supplement take (1) capsule three times daily with meals. Do not exceed 4 weeks of continuous use without a 4 week off period. 


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Rx Labs TestXR