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Liver support

Genius Nutrition Milk Thistle 90 caps
  • Genius Nutrition Milk Thistle 90 caps
  • Genius Nutrition Milk Thistle 90 caps
  • Genius Nutrition Milk Thistle 90 caps
  • Genius Nutrition Milk Thistle 90 caps

Genius Nutrition Milk Thistle 90 caps

90 capsules of Milk Thistle in a package equal 45 servings.



I have had a fatty liver for quite some time now. In my search for a solution, Milk Thistle was the one that I settled on. After some months, I went in for a check-up with my doctor and he said that all of my liver levels were back to normal. When I mentioned that I was using Milk Thistle, he said that it was a waste of money. He couldn't have been any more mistaken.

Discover the power of Milk Thistle from Genius Nutrition® to get your AST and ALT levels back to where they are supposed to be. This herb has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat diseases related to the liver, spleen, and kidneys. Believing in the importance of a healthy liver for an overall healthy body, it is easy to see why creating a safe and natural environment for the liver with Milk Thistle is so significant. Take it to get your AST and ALT levels down and see for yourself the wonders this supplement can do for you!

Milk Thistle possesses a combination of bioflavonoids made up of silymarin extract which have anti-oxidant action on liver tissues, thereby reducing the chance of liver harm (triggered by varied toxic substances, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, etc.).

Genius Nutrition® has optimized this supplement to include a high concentration of silymarin (80%). Numerous research studies have indicated that silymarin can provide defense to the liver by assisting in its restoration and reducing cholesterol via its anti-inflammatory effects. Silymarin blocks toxins from entering the liver cells and has the skill to cause the liver to expel them. Additionally, it also forestalls the damaging of red blood cells due to some toxins. Research states that because of its protein synthesis process, silymarin provides stimulation to the liver's revival.

You can consume Milk Thistle on a regular basis. It is the most experimentally proven botanical dietary supplement, with several encontrolled clinical tests indicating its efficacy and effects.

Milk Thistle is appreciated for its strong antioxidant activity, but it has the most profound impact on lesser liver injuries. Thus, it is widely suggested for chronic inflammatory liver ailments, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic hepatitis, and fatty infiltration of the liver triggered by alcohol and toxins.

An unhealthy or full liver is a serious issue so one should always monitor their liver enzyme (AST and ALT) levels. A severe form of fatty liver sickness that involves liver inflammation may advance to extreme scarring (cirrhosis), resulting in a failing liver and the need for organ donations.

If you are experiencing a sensation of organ flipping and localized pain or discomfort, consulting a doctor and inquiring about Milk Thistle may be beneficial. Although there may be some doubts, Milk Thistle has been proven effective. It isn't an instantaneous remedy, rather it takes time before you will be able to see the effect. Milk Thistle is effective in cleaning the body as a whole and can improve the functioning of other organs when the liver is functioning well. Silymarin also enhances the liver's detoxification abilities by boosting glutathione by 35%.

The positive effects of Milk Thistle on skin health are numerous, from improving overall wellbeing with a brighter smile to relieving psoriasis. Its ability to boost liver function helps filter and remove the toxins that contribute to psoriasis flare-ups from the bloodstream. It also offers protection for regular healthy liver function. Additionally, it has been known to normalize enzymes ALT and AST which are related to skin diseases such as acne and dermatitis. The result of regular intake of Milk Thistle is clear and radiant skin without irritation and pimples, and its vegan-friendly properties make it an excellent choice even for those following a plant-based diet.

This dietary supplement contains milk thistle (Silybum marianum) to help regenerate and protect the liver. The flavonoid silymarin is only available in an 80% concentration with Genius Nutrition®.


Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 45

Amount Per Serving 2 capsules
Milk Thistle Extract (80% silymarin) 750 mg

Other Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Vegan-capsule shell (E1204).


Dosage: It is recommended to take two capsules with a large glass of water per day. However, dietary supplements are only intended for individuals in good health, and pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should not take them. Furthermore, the supplement should not replace a varied and balanced diet and the daily dose should not be exceeded. In addition, the container should be kept in a cool and dry place and used before the date on the container has passed.


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Genius Nutrition Milk Thistle 90 caps

90 capsules of Milk Thistle in a package equal 45 servings.