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Brawn Nutrition TEST Complete
  • Brawn Nutrition TEST Complete
  • Brawn Nutrition TEST Complete
  • Brawn Nutrition TEST Complete
  • Brawn Nutrition TEST Complete

Brawn Nutrition TEST Complete

Increase Testosterone Naturally



Brawn Nutrition TEST Complete

Don't waste your time searching for test booster products with a laundry list of components that have inadequate doses and lack a scientific basis for use. Brawn's Test Complete provides four proven ingredients that can safely and naturally raise testosterone levels and supply the associated benefits. The product also pairs well with PCT Complete and Corti-Lean for a smarter boost of testosterone.

When examining products that claim to raise testosterone levels, there is a wide selection of items containing various components thought to augment these levels slightly. Even the use of injectable testosterone can often lead to disappointment, as it is difficult to achieve desired results. Although testosterone brings with it many advantages, what we have selected are materials that will not just raise hormone levels, but also provide tangible muscle and strength gains, reduce fat, and provide an improved overall performance. We don't believe this has to be done through multiple ingredients, as with the "kitchen sink" approach.

Studies have proven that fenuside, an extract from fenugreek that contains 50% of the compound, doubles free testosterone levels. It has been found that it binds to androgren receptors and brings about anabolic and androgenic effects seperate from increased testosterone. It works similarly to a steroid but has fewer side effects. What is more, studies have established that fenuside builds muscles and strength, as well as burns fat. People will be amazed at the effectiveness of the 800mg dosage, something not seen in a decade.

Beta-Ecdysterone can have either no effect or a noticeable one; this is due to either being deceived by untrue claims of products containing a large amount of 99% extract, or foolishly comparing it to Dianabol. Ecdysterone will not magically add 20 pounds of muscle, however it has been found to permit a massive increase in weight, volume and the frequency of exercises. Instead, it essentially works as a CNS adaptogen, helping athletes recover from operations which would usually cause exhaustion. Ultimately, it is training which causes muscles to grow, and this supplement will enable athletes to work out beyond their usual limits. Therefore, small doses are proven to be successful and the one used in tests is abundant.

Acacetin is a powerful aromatase inhibitor, meaning that it suppresses the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone and anabolic steroids into estrogen. Tests have demonstrated that Acacetin is able to block aromatase by as much as 63%, which is more effective than Arimidex, a widely used pharmaceutical product. It also exhibits SERM-like effects, preventing estrogens from adhering to receptor sites. As a result, Acacetin has proven to be as potent as many other estrogen-inhibiting products. It has even been found to be effective in high aromatizing cycles of AAS and is comparable in performance to Aromasin.

The addition of it will not only give the product a dryer look, but it will also be beneficial for those taking steroids, for example fighting off unwanted breast tissue growth (gyno) and limiting excess water retention and other estrogen related issues.

Stinging nettle has the capacity to bring down the level of sex-hormone binding globuline, meaning that any surges in test will remain as "free" test which is operational and desired. However, the test that is bound to the shbg is inert, and thus, will not have any positive impact.

Brawn Nutrition Test Complete is a top-of-the-line testosterone booster intended to deliver real results. In contrast to many other supplements on the market that have an abundance of ingredients in incredibly small doses, Brawn offers an answer to those looking for an item that delivers results and is dependable. These products are not made in the lab, but developed on computers by marketers, and often the product that is finally released is nothing like what was promised upon conception. In the situation of Brawn Nutrition, the customer gets only a product that performs and that in a quantity that is effective. They do not include any unidentified ingredients or concealed amounts with the justification of "blends"; they supply a supplement that is viable and safe.

Testosterone boosting supplements are among the most sought-after items currently available. The value of this hormone to men of every age is undeniable, taking on even greater importance for athletes and gym-goers. Too little testosterone and we hit a wall, but too much can be a major ally for those seeking to create muscle mass and lose fat. An adequate level of testosterone is essential for enhancing strength and endurance.

Brawn Test Complete is an excellent tool to make the most out of training and as part of post-cycle doping treatments. It produces high-grade lean muscle without undesirable side effects such as bloating or increase in estrogen levels. It is suitable for both body shape building and constructing a high-quality bodyweight.

The Complete test consists of:

The herb Fenugreek Extract triggers a stimulatory effect on the growth of free testosterone. The saponins found in Fenugreek have two ways of working. The first is to upturn the CRH release from the hypothalamus, which rouses the pituitary gland to create ACTH and then boosts the output of androgens from the adrenal cortex. The second way is to link straight with testosterone receptors to exhibit an anabolic-androgenic impact. It helps in boosting the overall level of androgens. Additionally, Fenugreek is known to boost the production of red blood cells, expand the uptake of nutrients from the small intestine, hike up nitrogen storage in the body, activate protein synthesis to trigger myogenesis (muscle tissue growth), expand cartilage, bone and the complete network of connective tissue.

Beta Ecdysterone is gaining immense popularity as a supplementation due to its similarities with human testosterone. Testosterone is essential for muscle building and when supplemented with Beta Ecdysterone, it creates a very anabolic environment in the body, resulting in increased efficiency and many other positive effects.

Stinging Nettle has properties that can limit the active action of aromatase, which changes testosterone into estrogens. Including this in bodybuilding cycles that use androgenic agents might be beneficial. Additionally, phytoestrogens can even out the SHBG level, a protein that makes sex hormones less effective. This can come in handy for managing deficiencies of sex hormones.


Serving Size: 4 Caps
Servings Per Container: 30

Ingredients per serving

Fenugreek Extract (50% Fenusides)


Beta Ecdysterone 70%   




Stinging Nettle   


Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate


Directions: Take 2 caps twice per day, spaced morning – evening. Do not exceed more than the recommended dose and do not use for more than 12 weeks continuously


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Brawn Nutrition TEST Complete

Increase Testosterone Naturally