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Genius Nutrition Omega-3T 100 softgels



OMEGA-3T offers the highest bioavailability as it contains a form of omega-3 called triglyceride, whose benefits are backed up by over 8000 research studies. EPA and DHA which are abundant in fish oil are essential for normal growth and development, maintain brain function and heart health, support bone and joint health and boost the immune system.

Genius Nutrition® developed the most advanced form of fish oil: OMEGA-3T. This formulation is based on the pure triglyceride form (TG) which enables it to be absorbed by the body at a higher rate as compared with the most fish oil products commercially available that contain omega-3 in ethyl ester (EE) form.

The omega-3 ethyl ester products are more common on the market because of their lower cost: this form is much cheaper to produce than OMEGA-3T (the superior triglyceride form). The manufacturing process includes molecular distillation to remove industrial contaminants (heavy metals, PCB) found in fish oils. After this stage, omega-3 molecules - EPA and DHA - are concentrated.[1] After micro-distillation is completed and a purified product is obtained, manufacturers leave the concentrated omega-3 oil in EE form for a single reason: COST. The conversion of the concentrated fish oil in ethyl ester form back to the natural triglyceride form (TG) is far more costly. Genius Nutrition® uses OMEGA-3T, a concentrated form of omega-3, which is converted back to the natural triglyceride form - the best final omega-3 product. Ethyl esters (EE) have been in the human food for around 20 years. In contrast, fish oil in natural triglyceride form has been safely consumed for thousands of years.

OMEGA-3T in natural TG form has been proven to have an absorption rate up to 48 to 70% higher than EE forms. [2]

This is why Genius Nutrition use OMEGA-3T only in TG form. According to some studies, the TG form has even higher absorption rates of over 250%.

Why Omega-3T 

Omega-3T capsules contain high quality sea fish oil:

  • RAW MATERIAL: fish from the purest seas
  • PURE OIL: no contaminants
  • UNIQUE QUALITY: patented omega-3 (DHA/EPA) natural enzymatic concentration
  • OIL IN TRIGLYCERIDE FORM: natural form of omega-3, which is easily absorbed by the body
  • OXIDATIVE STABILITY: a patented QUALITYSILVER® technology to ensure oxidative stability and optimal preservation of the nutritional value and organoleptic properties of our oil.*

Serving size: 2 capsules

Servings per container: 50 soft gel ( 2 capsules - 1 serving) 

Nutritions facts Per 2 capsules
Energy 43 kcal (10.4 kj)
Carbohydrate 232 mg
Protein 112 mg
Lipids 1000 mg
Total omega 3 fatty acid (as FA) Of which EPA (as FA) 630 mg
Of which  EPA (as FA) 320 mg
Of which DHA (as FA) 220 mg
Of which EPA + DHA (as FA) 520 mg

*RMV  - Referencinė maistinė vertė.


Recommendations for use:  Take 2 capsules daily with a large glass of water.


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Genius Nutrition Omega-3T 100 softgels