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Hammer Labz L-Glutamine 400 g


Hammer L-Glutamine hinders the disintegration of muscle mass and aids in the healing process.

Hammer L-Glutamine is a top-notch nutritional supplement that offers pure l-glutamine for strong anti-catabolic impact. Glutamine is a necessity for muscles to perform their best and can be lost during physical activity, hence it is important to supplement with glutamine before and after exercise. Hammer L-Glutamine is the best way to get a potent dose of the amino acid!

The advantages of consuming Hammer L-Glutamine are:

This product has the ability to inhibit the deterioration of muscle tissue, promote healing and recovery, strengthen the immune system, and protect the digestive tract.

What are the advantages of consuming glutamine?

Glutamine has been found to be beneficial in preventing the amounts of cortisol produced, aiding in the development of new muscle proteins, and deterring the decline of current muscles. It is also seen as useful for fortifying the immune system and hastening the recovery process after any type of physical activity. Therefore, glutamine is commonly used to treat multiple health conditions including issues with the gastrointestinal tract, immunological issues and rehabilitation after surgical procedures.

Glutamine can have a significant influence on the digestive tract. It can absorb into the enterocytes, which makes them more proficient. As a result, an individual can benefit from enhanced digestion and immunity. If someone is prone to illness arising from a weak digestive system, taking glutamine can be a useful remedy.

The presence of glutamine is paramount when it comes to the fabrication of neurotransmitters that maintain memory and focus. In addition, it helps to deal with high levels of ammonia which is normally released by those who work out excessively and have protein-oriented diets. Thus, glutamine supplementation is beneficial for avoiding release of toxic quantities of ammonia which can be damaging for the kidneys.

Hammer L-Glutamine 400g composition:

One portion of L-glutamine contains 5000mg, providing an important amino acid that helps with muscle growth and protection. Glutamine is the most abundant protein-forming amino acid in the body, meaning that its presence is essential to regenerate protein effectively in your body. It is commonly used in sports supplements to minimize muscle breakdown and encourage protein synthesis.

Hammer L-Glutamine 400g dosage: 1 serving, 5g before and after training.


Dosage: Hammer L-Glutamine 400g dosage: 1 serving, 5g before and after training.


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Hammer Labz L-Glutamine 400 g