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S4M Team

S4M Team

Dan Gov-Gerards


  • 2nd place WBFF Atlantic city Pro Muscle model 2019
  • 1st place WBFF Miami Am Muscle model (pro card) 2018
  • 1st place WBFF Australia Am Fitness model 2017

I don't consider bodybuilding just as a sport, but also as an art. Your working on your physique, chasing that symmetry, finding the perfect balance between size and shred. As a competitor, I need quality supplements, and supplements4muscle have a high range of products, but also the strongest preworkouts and fatburners on the market. It helped me a lot during my off season, and even more for my last comp prep.

Richard onyeji

I’ve been training for approximately 20 years . Weight training/ bodybuilding has been instrumental in instilling in me the importance of health and fitness. It’s my lifestyle of choice.

Nutrition is key to maintaining and progressing in training and that’s why supplements are essential in guaranteeing that progress.

Ssupplements4Muscle are my current go to for my supplements. They have a team of professionals that offer consultations on what supplement is right for your health.