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Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete
  • Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete
  • Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete

Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete



Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete

Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete contains only proven ingredients that target the real issues with the post cycle era. Loss of strength, motivation, libido and size. Brawn's revolutionary PCT product reverses these afictions and allows your post cycle transition to be smooth and effortless. Let the gains continue! 

In most sports, but especially bodybuilding and strength training, people have tried to increase their performance in a number of ways. The most classical method is the use of anabolic and androgenic steroids. These enhance strength, muscle and performance in various ways and to various degrees depending on the compound,  quantities and duration.

When one administers these exogenous androgens (male hormones), the body stops producing its own testosterone production over time. While a 4 week cycle of a mild prohormone may not do much damage, the stronger and longer the cycle, the further levels will drop until they reach zero. This would be detrimental to ones well being but since exogenous androgens are administered in dosages far higher than the body could ever produce itself, users often report feelings of confidence, strength, well being and of course performance enhancement and anabolism.

After stopping such a cycle, various methods have been employed to restore natural testosterone production. People with access to injectable and oral anabolic steroids produced underground will most commonly use a 'SERM' (selective estrogen receptor modulator). To keep this article short and not make this about SERMs, they will help increase the body's own testosterone production much faster than if nothing was used.

Most peoples' reasoning is the that gains achieved on a cycle of hormonal compounds will disappear immediately if testosterone levels are near zero and restoring them plays a role in preventing this from happening. However, normal testosterone levels cannot prevent the loss of the performance, strength etc. gained by the use of massive doses of exogenous hormones. This is where pct complete comes in.

PCT Complete targets the issues related to the negative effects that take place after ending a hormonal cycle; decline in mood, loss of libido, confidence, strength, size and muscle fullness. PCT Complete takes a far more complex approach than simply using a SERM or a SERM with a test booster.

The ingredients in pct complete are included as follows :

Ashwagandha extract:

The incredible effects of this plant extract are numerous; anxiety relief, balanced cortisol levels, improved physical performance, increased libido and enhanced mood.
When testosterone levels are low, cortisol rises. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone detrimental to muscle growth. Some cortisol is necessary as an anti-inflammatory and to be able to wake up in the morning, but it is a stress hormone and it will breakdown muscle tissue when flooding the body in excess.  Lowering cortisol will improve testosterone levels, increasing libido, performance and mood.


While testosterone restoration will not keep the gains you made on your cycle it is still THE essential male hormone. It is responsible for mood, sex drive, confidence etc. Low test levels will leave one feeling weak, fatigued, depressed and with no desire for sex. Acacetin is an aromatase-inhibitor (this is why PCT Complete can also be taken during a cycle) and a SERM in one. This will quickly restore your natural testosterone production. Acacetin also has been shown to be useful in aiding to create a leaner, harder physique


Commonly derived from Selaginella Tamariscina but also occuring in a number of other plants is a compound which again possesses many different uses. The inclusion here is only for one reason though; keeping your strength. Amentoflavone causes a release of ca+ ions from the endoplasmatic reticulum which increase the muscles ability to contract. It does this at 20x the rate of caffeine without any of its unpleasant stimulatory effects. The amount in a daily dose of amentoflavone equals 640mg of caffeines contractile potential without any side effects. Furthermore the compound is cumulative, so it becomes stronger over time and you may even end up stronger after your pct then on cycle.


A compound naturally occurring for example in foods  like Cocoa. It has been linked to help keep muscles full and dense.


Serving Size: 3 Caps
Servings per container: 30

Ingredients (per serving)
Bacopa Monnieri (45% extract) 500mg
Ksm-66 ashwagandha 450mg
Acacetin 75mg
Amentoflavone 201mg
Coumaroyldopamine           30mg

Directions: Take 3 caps once a day, preferably with food. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


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Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete