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SR9009 vs. SR9011

SR9009 vs. SR9011

In the world of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), the battle of SR9009 vs. SR9011 has long gained widespread curiosity and attention. This is primarily because both these amazing bodybuilding compounds are highly potent and result-oriented when it comes to gaining muscle mass and body strength.

Let us explore this battle of SR9009 vs. SR9011 to gain a clear and complete understanding.

SR9009 belongs to a class of compounds like Rev-Erb ligands that have great potential to improve overall fitness, strength, muscle mass, endurance, and metabolism. This compound plays a significant role in regulating the metabolic processes and the circadian rhythm. This, in turn, positively influences the gene expression that is involved in energy metabolism of the human body, resulting in significant fat loss, strength gains, and endurance.


Not only this, SR9009 can influence the utilization of stored fat in the body for energy to reduce body fat percentage. This makes SR9009 a great choice for individuals who want to improve their body composition. It also improves mitochondrial activity and promote overall metabolic efficiency. It also improves exercise capacity and positively influences hormone secretion, sleep-wake cycles, and other physiological processes to a considerable extent.

While SR9009 primarily activates Rev-Erbα, SR9011 focuses on Rev-Erbβ. SR9011 can be a great choice for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders who want to improve body composition, muscle mass, body strength, endurance, stamina, and body weight. It also promotes the loss of stubborn abdominal and visceral fat while positively influencing circadian rhythm regulation and metabolic processes.

The recommended dose of SR9009 for men is 10-40mg every day in cycles of 10-16 weeks. For women, the recommended dose of SR9009 is 5-10mg every day in cycles of 4-8 weeks.

The recommended dose of SR9011 for men is 15-30mg every day in cycles of 10-14 weeks. For women, the recommended dose of SR9011 is 5-10mg every day in cycles of 4-8 weeks.

SR9009 Cycles For Men

SR9009 Cycles For Women

SR9009 and SR9011 are potent compounds and should be protected against unauthorized usage. It should not be used by pregnant, breastfeeding, or lactating women. SR9009/SR9011 abuse or SR9009/SR9011 overdosing can lead to SR9009 and SR9011 side effects such as increased heartbeat, nausea, palpitation, and excessive sweating.

We hope that this guide on the battle of SR9009 VS. SR9011 was useful to you.

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