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Hammer Labz Crea5 Strength 405g Creatine Stack



Hammer Labz Crea5 Strength 405g creatine stack 

Hammer Labz is a company based out of the US that develops dietary supplements with powerful, active ingredients specifically designed for experienced athletes. To guarantee the superior production of their products, each batch of supplements goes through third-party laboratory testing and evaluation. By use of clinical doses, consumers are provided with the highest quality supplement that leads to optimal sports performance. With innovative formulas, Hammer Labz aspires to be the leading producer of pre-workout supplements, muscle building products, prohormones, SARMS, and fat burners.

Hammer Labz Crea5 Strength 405g provides you with up to five types of creatine for an incredible anabolic effect to help you gain muscle mass and strength. Furthermore, it supports your strength building endeavors.

Crea5 Strength Hammer Labz supplement has an anabolic effect.

Crea5 Strength is an enhanced creatine formula comprising the finest types of creatine, including monohydrate. The inclusions of stable versions (hydrochloride, malate, and magnesium chelate) provide exceptional absorbability and collaborate for maximum effect. This supplement is excellent for developing lean muscle volume because of the system of the five forms of creatine. The combination enhances strength significantly and constructs muscles with a minimum of water retention. Glycerol Monostearate ensures adequate hydration of muscles, resulting in a bulked-up look.

This Creatine Supplement from Crea5 is ideal for athletes to help increase strength and endurance during sports.

The ingredients in the Hammer Labz Crea5 Strength 405g creatine stack are:

Creatine HCL is a potent form of creatine that helps increase performance, strength, and muscle mass. Especially beneficial for athletes and those actively working towards reaching their full potential, this supplement can be taken right before a competition without causing any water retention beneath the skin. It is completely free of any dyes, flavors, or preservatives.

Tri-Creatine Malate is easier for the body to process than regular creatine due to its combination of creatine and malate. When converted to phosphocreatine, it contributes to the formation of the high-energy compound, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is an immediate source of energy for brief bursts of activity that don't last longer than a few seconds. Supplementing with this form of creatine helps to increase the body's capacity for energy production, thus increasing the intensity of workouts and improving their muscle-building and strength-enhancing potential.

This patented form of magnesium and creatine combines the two substances in a chelated form, resulting in improved bioavailability. The combination of these two substances can be seen as ideal as they work as energy buffers. Creatine magnesium chelate can boost protein synthesis in muscle cells, aid in regeneration and increase muscle mass.

Creatine Monohydrate is a kind of organic compound which is created when metabolic processes occur. Majority of this compound is found within our muscle cells. With the aid of an enzyme called creatine kinase, it is transformed to something called phosphocreatine, which helps to restore ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) sooner, and the breakdown of the high-energy ATP bonds are what provide the energy for significant and short-term muscle capacity. Additionally, creatine monohydrate supports protein synthesis, enhancing the body's capacity and capability in terms of exercise.

By using premium-quality creatine nitrate, you can gain an impressive amount of strength. Creative is usually taken as an additional dietary supplement due to its role in providing energy for strenuous physical activities. This chemical is produced in the liver and stored in muscles, heart and bone tissue.

Glycerol monostearate is beneficial for bodybuilders because it hydrates muscle cells, raises blood volume and transports water to muscles. This increases muscle efficiency, produces a "muscle pump," and enhances the delivery of anabolic substances and hormones to muscles. Its mechanism of action is similar to that of creatine by binding water to the muscles.

Arginine AAKG has a wide range of effects on our body - it assists in the forming of nitric oxide, leading to increased blood flow to the muscles as well as other soft tissues. It allows the synthesis of cGMP alongside ATP, both of which have a part in the contracting of the muscles along with its anabolic effects. It also encourages the release of growth hormones while helping to regenerate the liver and is useful while providing a precursor for creatine. Unfortunately, the original form of arginine breaks apart quickly in the stomach which implies that only a small percentage of it arrives where it is intended.

Mix one part of Crea5 Strength powder into 200 millilitres of water. Drink half of it thirty to forty-five minutes prior to exercising and the other half soon after. On days when you do not work out, split your dose into two servings taken two hours apart. Do not consume more than the daily suggested amount.


Dosage: Mix one part of Crea5 Strength powder into 200 mililitres of water. Drink half of it thirty to forty-five minutes prior to exercising and the other half soon after. On days when you do not work out, split your dose into two servings taken two hours apart. Do not consume more than the daily suggested amount.


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Hammer Labz Crea5 Strength 405g Creatine Stack