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Brawn S-23
  • Brawn S-23
  • Brawn S-23

Brawn S-23 is currently the strongest sarm available on the market. Is an orally active nonsteroidal SARM with very high binding affinity to androgen receptors. This makes it stronger than other popular SARM preparations such as ostarine (mk-2866) or Andarine (S-4). It has been proven that S23 increases muscle mass, reduces fat, without all the side effects that accompany when taking traditional anabolic agents. A 15mg dose for a 80kg man has been shown to increase bone mineral density as well as promote muscle mass and fat loss.

That is why S-23 is versatile, it can be used as an additional agent during weight gain as well as a stand-alone supplement during fat reduction. It is an excellent means to combine with other sarm / ph preparations for building muscle mass. Perfectly increases strength and endurance. It provides hard and dry muscle mass, increases the visibility of vascularization. S23 stops catabolism during a reduction diet and increases fatty acid oxidation.

It has also been shown that S23 reduces the size of the prostate (prostate) in research, which is the opposite of the common and negative effects of anabolic steroids (prostate enlargement). S23 users claim that they get hardness, dryness and utilization comparable to that obtained when using masteron, winstrol or provirone without experiencing side effects such as prostate hypertrophy or alopecia. This is one of the main reasons why many fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts use S23 to prepare for competitions or photo sessions.

A very important aspect when using S23 is properly carried out PCT because the product, unlike other sarms, strongly suppresses testosterone production. The product should not be taken by people under 21 years of age. To sum up, S23 is recommended for advanced athletes who want to burn fat, increase muscle definition and their hardness with calorie deficit. S23 provides a sculpted figure protecting muscle mass against catabolism during a reduction diet.


Serving size: 1 cap
Serving per container: 90


per serving



Other ingredients: Magnesium stearat, Microcrystalline cellulose


Take 2-3 capsules with water daily, divided into single capsule dose, starting in the morning. Do not exceed the recommended dosage in any 24 hours period. Limit S-23 cycles to 8-10 weeks followed by a 2-3 month rest & post cycle period


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Brawn S-23