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Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete
  • Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete
  • Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete

Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete



Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete

Brawn Nutrition has created an innovative PCT product that specifically handles the typical implications of coming off of a cycle. This formula will restore strength, motivation, libido and size, so that the post cycle transition is effortless and your gains won’t be lost.

In bodybuilding and strength training especially, people have attempted to better their performance using a few diverse tactics. The more traditional choice is to utilize anabolic and androgenic steroids. These heighten strength, muscle mass, and capacity in distinct manners and range of effect based on the constituent, amounts, and period of use.

When exogenous male hormones are taken, the body's own testosterone production will diminish over time. A four week cycle of a mild prohormone might not cause too much harm, but the more powerful and extended the cycle, the more the levels of production will reduce until it stops completely. This can have dangerous effects, but since exogenous androgens are taken at such high levels, the user often experiences an improved sense of wellbeing, self-confidence, strength, and even improved performance and muscle composition.

Once the cycle of anabolic steroids has been discontinued, many tactics have been used to resume natural testosterone production. Those fortunate enough to obtain illegally produced oral and injected anabolic steroids primarily rely on a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM). For the purpose of not going too far in detail, SERMs accelerate the body's sense of testosterone far more efficiently than doing nothing.

It is common thinking that gains made with a cycle of hormones are eliminated the moment testosterones drop below a certain level, and raising it back to its normal levels can stop the receding. However, having the normal amount of testosterones does not protect against the loss of effects, such as muscular strength, that arise when massive doses of hormones external to the body are used. This is when PCT becomes necessary.

PCT Complete seeks to counter the implications that typically follow the termination of a hormone cycle, namely an escalated depression, lack of libido, self-assurance, heaviness, and the loss of mass and density of the muscles. PCT Complete employs a much more complicated strategy in comparison to just employing a SERM, or a SERM plus a test booste

This is a list of the components found in Pct Complete:

Ashwagandha extract:

The tremendous profits of this plant product are varied; comfort, equalized cortisol levels, better physical functioning, built up sex drive, and heightened mood. When testosterone levels get too low, cortisol will go up. Cortisol is a breaking apart hormone that isn't favorable to muscle growth. Some cortisol is essential as an anti-inflammatory and to be able to wake up in the morning, but it is a tension hormone and it will break down muscle tissue if there is too much in the body. Casting off cortisol will help testosterone levels to rise, upgrading libido, functioning, and mood.


Testosterone restoration is a must for male hormone levels, since low testosterone can cause fatigue, lack of motivation, and reduced sex drive. PCT Complete is a great option for during a cycle, as it contains Acacetin, a dual-functional aromatase inhibitor and SERM which helps to restore the body's natural testosterone production. Not only that, research has also demonstrated that Acacetin may assist in developing a leaner, tougher body composition.


The active constituent found in many different plants, Selaginella Tamariscina, is a compound with multiple uses. Notably, for the purpose of maintaining strength, Amentoflavone works to boost the muscles' ability to contract by releasing calcium ions from the endoplasmatic reticulum 20 times faster than caffeine does, but without any of the side-effects that may be experienced when consuming the stimulant. A daily dose of the compound is roughly equivalent to 640mg of caffeine's contractile benefits, and it accumulates over time, so one could end up even stronger after their post-cycle therapy than they were while on it.


A substance that can be found in food items such as Cocoa has been said to aid in keeping muscles voluminous and firm.


Serving Size: 3 Caps
Servings per container: 30

Ingredients (per serving)
Bacopa Monnieri (45% extract) 500mg
Ksm-66 ashwagandha 450mg
Acacetin 75mg
Amentoflavone 201mg
Coumaroyldopamine           30mg

Directions: Take 3 caps once a day, preferably with food. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


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Brawn Nutrition PCT Complete